Recent Publications

S. Moayed Baharlou, S. Hemayat, K.C. Toussaint and A. Ndao, “GPU-Accelerated and Memory-Independent Layout Generation for Arbitrarily Large-Scale Metadevices”, Advanced Theory and Simulations, 2300378, (2023)

M.W. Khalid, J. Ha, M.S.E. Hadri, L. Hsu, S. Hemayat, Y. Xiao, A. Sergienko, E.E. Fullerton and A. Ndao, “Meta-Magnetic All-Optical Helicity Dependent Switching of Ferromagnetic Thin Films”, Advanced Optical Materials, 2301599, (2023)

F.I. Baida, J.J. Robayo Yepes and A. Ndao “Giant second harmonic generation in etch-less lithium niobate thin film”, Journal of Applied Physics 133, 124501 (2023)

S. Hemayat., L. Hsu, J. Ha, and A. Ndao “Near-unity uniformity and efficiency broadband meta-beam-splitter/combiner”, Optics Express 31 (3), 3984-3997(2023).