Recent Publications

S. Hemayat, S. M. Baharlou, A. V. Sergienko and A. Ndao "Efficient Inverse Design of Plasmonic Patch Nanoantennas using Deep Learningn”, arXiv preprint 2407.03607 (2024)

S. Ahn, J.Y. Shang, S.K. Patel, E. Alvarado, A. Ndao and O Vazquez‐Mena "Intercalated Graphene and Colloidal Quantum Dots for Multispectral Photodetection”, Advanced Functional Materials p.2409523 (2024)

C.R. Schwarze, D.S. Simon, A. Ndao and A.V. Sergienko "Tunable linear-optical phase amplification”, Phys. Rev. A109 (5), 053508 (2024)

C.R. Schwarze, D.S. Simon, A.D. Manni, A.Ndao, and A.V. Sergienko, "Finite-element assembly approach of optical quantum walk networks," J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 41, 1304-1316 (2024)

M. W. Khalid, A. Akbar, J. Ha, M.S.E Hadri, A.V. Sergienko, E.E. Fullerton, and A. Ndao “Role of photonic angular momentum in all-optical magnetic switching”, Phys. Rev. B 109, L140403 (2024)

A. Alquliah, J. Ha, and A. Ndao, “Multi-channel broadband nonvolatile programmable modal switch”, Optics Express10979-10999 (2024)